Karina's background is as unique as her gifts. Having been born in the Gypsy Forest region of the Czech Republic she was initiated from birth in the power and mystery of the energies present in our lives. Karina draws on her life's experience to help people find intimate connections in their daily lives. These include a personal understanding and expression of joy, connection to their heart and soul's purpose, and spirituality community in daily life.

Full Bio

As a young dancer and instructor, Karina learned to scan the body for imbalances in order to assist the person with physiological awareness. Injuries are a normal part of an athlete. Being around injuries aided Karina in grasping comprehension of physical trauma and tissue damage. In addition to the need to figure out her own personal traumas and the meanings, purpose, and lessons behind them.

Drawing inspiration from overcoming personal physical challenges, Karina was guided to train as a massage therapist and therapeutic bodyworker. Her focus was drawn to individual's emotions as they impact healing. Living with and working through her own chronic pain allows her to connect with deep empathy for others. The discovery and pursuit in the knowledge of BodyMind therapies provided a pathway to the understanding of the purpose and symbolic meaning of pain, physical limitations, and patterns of self sabotage.

Continuing in her enthusiasm for healing and learning, Karina ventured into the balance of East West therapies, Homeopathics, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Energy Work, Birth Coaching and Spiritual Coaching. Karina has trained in over 20+ different modalities and is guided through others. You can rest assured that she is committed to clarity and functional answers. The learning and studying continues till today.

Becoming a Wife and Mother of 3 children has been her greatest learning tool. Figuring out how to balance life, independent businesses, marriage… and Life…gives her a vast resource of experiences that she credits for who and how she lives her life. Karina is truly unlike any other Coach or Intuitive for these reasons.

Beyond the physical and emotions levels, Karina's unique ways of seeing the world lead her to the ability to observe ALL energetic realms; homes, animals, relationships, pregnancies, past lives, karmic obligations, beliefs limitations, businesses, death and transition, ghosts, etc. There are few issues that Karina is unwilling to dive into partly because of her understanding that she does not hold the answers, LOVE (Spirit/ God/Universe) does. She is there merely to be a clear vehicle to express and witness answers.